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The diamonds on the dial have a diameter of approximately 1mm and a weight of approximately 0.005 carats per stone.

The diamonds are cut in an eight-cut. The eight-cut is a specific type of cut where diamonds, as the name suggests, are cut in such a way that eight edges are created.

Diamonds with an eight-cut are also referred to as 8/8 diamonds. These are diamonds with a "simplified brilliant cut" in a rounded form. This cut is called "simplified" because a brilliant normally has at least 56 facets. Eight-cut diamonds, on the other hand, have eight facets on the top and eight facets on the bottom, as well as a table, making a total of 17 facets if the culet and girdle are not counted. They are excellent for use as small decorative stones. Due to their small size, they are often used in the manufacture of watches on the dial. If the eight-cut diamond is carefully cut, it achieves a higher brilliance compared to a full-cut brilliant. This is because, in the size range up to a maximum of 0.02 carats, larger facets have an optimal effect.